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Mentoring, coaching, training and consulting for C-suite and other senior executives, managers, and in-house practitioners in disciplines such as HR, Safety and Risk Management.

Organisational Need

  • Legislative and ethical imperatives to provide psychologically safe organisations

  • Mitigate the risk of organisational, environmental and individual hazards, negatively impacting people’s wellbeing, mental health and productivity


Capability Statement

Few practitioners have Mike's holistic training and experience in this field. His expertise has come from roles such as:

  • Behavioural health management psychologist for several years

  • Senior executive responsible for statewide organisational health and wellbeing in a corporation with 14,000+ staff

  • Director guiding risk management for a statewide service business division with 4,000+ staff

  • Various senior leadership roles with a duty of care to manage the psychosocial wellbeing  of staff while delivering performance and productivity results

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Mike Speter Psychosocial Risk Consultant
Risk Managemnt
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Mike Speter Change and Governance Consultant

Mentoring, coaching, training and consulting for C-suite and other senior executives, managers, and in-house practitioners in disciplines such as Governance, Program/Project Management and Change Management.

Organisational Need

  • User-friendly governance and management frameworks and practices balancing compliance and productivity requirements without compromising either

  • Strategic approach to managing changes arising from external drivers or internal initiatives


Capability Statement

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Certified Practitioner in Project and Program management methodologies, and Total Quality Management facilitator

  • An extensive knowledge and experience base, including:

    • Senior executive roles responsible for corporate and program/project governance in large organisations

    • Program director, project manager and executive governance advisor for multiple major change initiatives

    • Continuous improvement specialist roles, including initiating and leading a  successful  organisation-wide program comprising 50+ teams

  • Member of the seven-person national reference group that helped establish Australia’s Organisational Change Management National Competency Standard

Corporate & Change

Mentoring for current and emerging leaders, and coaching services and programs for leaders and teams.

Organisational Need

  • Leaders who can engage with clarity of vision, overcome obstacles creatively, and remain personally centred—thereby better equipped to develop thriving teams and deliver exceptional results

  • Increasing the capabilities of leaders and their teams to operate effectively in this age of information overload compounded by other factors (e.g. coronavirus pandemic and its aftermath)


Capability Statement

  • Effective mentor who provides a safe space in which mentees explore and develop vital leadership attributes

  • Coaching successfully applied in one-on-one and group settings over many years. One-on-one coaching has included C-suite level participants

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Mike Speter Mentor Coach
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